Resource Center For Nonviolence: Funding For Our Future – New Ways To Value Life On Our Planet, Nov 2, 7 pm

“What can we do in Santa Cruz except say “Welcome!” when a visitor from Kim Stanley Robinson’s novel, The Ministry for the Future, turns out to be a real person! Dr. Delton Chen, founder Global Carbon Reward (GCR), is a visiting geo-hydrologist from Brisbane, Australia. Dr. Chen’s GCR policy inspired Robinson’s game-changing “Carbon Coin” in the novel and is a bold new policy idea to inspire and incentivize effective action in support of a healthy biosphere. Meet Dr. Chen to learn more, ask questions, and discover a way to fund the future by increasing environmental wealth rather than extracting it. To learn more in advance, check out this 40-minutes introduction by Dr. Chen on YouTube: Introduction to Global Carbon Reward (2020).” RCNV, 612 Ocean St., S.C. Register HERE.