GOOD NEWS • California Joins The Right-To-Repair Revolution

Optimist Daily, Sept 29 – On September 12th, the California state Assembly passed Senate Bill 244 with a unanimous 50-0 vote, marking a historic milestone for the right-to-repair movement. This historic measure, which was also approved with an amazing 38-0 vote in the California Senate in May, now needs a final concurrence vote in the Senate before reaching Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk. California joins Minnesota and New York as the third state to pass right-to-repair legislation. However, California’s measure differs in that it requires corporations to offer access to repair resources like parts, tools, documentation, and software for a longer period of time. This commitment lasts three years for products priced between $50 and $99.99 and seven years for those priced at $100 or higher. More INFO.