Researchers Restoring California Salt Marshes From Effects Of Climate Change

CBS, Oct 12 – California’s valuable remaining salt marshes are disappearing. Climate change, with its melting glaciers and warming seas, threatens to drown the remaining coastal marshes out of existence. Between the land and the sea, salt marshes are the true guardians of our coastline. They offer many incredible services and benefits: they filter runoff and pollutants from water, prevent coastal erosion, stabilize the soil, shelter thousands of species and protect cities and towns from flooding during storm surges. They also provide what’s known as blue carbon as they capture and sequester atmospheric carbon. More than 90% of California’s coastal marshes disappeared within the past century. Near Monterey Bay within the Elkhorn Slough Reserve, a restoration project is now underway that may show the world how to protect and make salt marshes more resilient to the rising seas. Read ON.