GOOD NEWS • Center For Biological Diversity: Oregon Bans Wildlife-Killing Contests On Public Lands

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission just banned wildlife-killing contests on public lands across the state. These cruel contests wreak havoc on ecosystems, disregarding the ecological roles of target animals like coyotes and foxes, who keep rodent populations in check. And when hunters kill wildlife to win money or prizes, they’re especially likely to use unethical cheats like high-powered rifles, night-vision goggles, and whistles mimicking a coyote pup’s distress call. “I’m really proud of Oregon for banning these contests,” the Center’s Collette Adkins told National Public Radio. “I think it does say something about changing values of society — that ethics should play a role in wildlife management, that suffering matters.” Oregon is the ninth state to ban these mass-slaughter events. If you’re one of the 1,000 Center supporters there who signed our petition to help make it happen, thank you. Read ON.