Andy Carman -Psychologist, committed to full participation in restoring our environment and reversing climate change. Director and Editor of website & Update newsletter.

Terry Grove – Retired speech therapist, artist and our Chief Morale Officer.

David Thiermann – Career consultant and head of Impact Expansion. Founder, Santa Cruz University

Bonno BernardGraphic arts, packaging design, and brand development. Our creative Website Wizard.

Environteers In The News

Listen to the KSQD June 18, 2023 podcast HERE. Interview by Len Beyea

Lookout 12/25/22. Unsung Santa Cruz: Andy Carman matches restless locals with volunteer opportunities in defense of the planet, Wallace Baine

“For locals hoping to find something effective or meaningful to do to maintain the health of the environment, the first stop is Environteers, an online resource to help the ecologically minded find volunteer options to make a difference. The brainchild of Santa Cruz psychotherapist Andy Carman, Environteers also offers up opportunities for learning, with tours, lectures, presentations and exhibits, all about enlarging your perspective on the world.” Read article HERE (possible paywall)

Santa Cruz Works, Aug 3, 2022: Blue Innovation – Environteers Bring Together Our Community

“Several of us — all volunteers — worked together to first develop the concept of Environteers and then the website in August 2016. The team consists of Andy Carman, Terry Grove, Sonia de la Rosa, and our website designer Bonno Bernard. David Thiermann joined our team recently to provide inspiring coaching and guidance. To expand our reach, the Environteers Weekly Update was launched in December 2018. I like to say that this newsletter is the best environmental weekly newsletter in the world, for Santa Cruz County. About 500 people read it each week! And it is free! The website and newsletter promote the 100+ dedicated environmental organizations, parks, museums and institutions in Santa Cruz County with links to their sites, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events such as hikes, films, and lectures.” Doug Erickson. Article HERE.