Good News – Cal Matters: The World’s Largest Dam Demolition Has Begun

Removing the dams on the Klamath River is expected to reopen more than 400 miles of habitat for steelhead and other threatened and iconic fish, and restore flows that can better flush away toxic algae and disease. The smallest of the four dams, the 33-foot Copco Number 2, located in Siskiyou County, is already …. gone. By October of 2024, the river will flow freely past the other three dams as well — the J.C. Boyle dam in Oregon and the Copco Number 1 and Iron Gate dams in California’s Siskiyou County. Tribal members, researchers, rural residents near the dams, conservationists and the fishing industry are all anxiously waiting to see how this river, dammed for decades, will change — and with it, its fish, wildlife and human neighbors. Dive in HERE.